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Adobe Slate is an easy to understand and utilize app for iPad that comes installed with a number of competently created themes to let users make any kind of text and photo based scrolling stories, promotional materials, and photo galleries. The wonderful tool is free to use allows its users to turn any of their bland document into a stunning illustrative narrative. Of late, Adobe Slate can also be had on the web, meaning that now the users can also produce as well as amend their projects from their PC browser. Adobe Slate lets you use your original photos and apply several effects and ideas from a large pool of creative commons.

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Each Adobe Slate web story would be given its distinct URL (hosted from Adobe Slate site) – which can also be shared freely with as many people as you want to show off your new creative baby- via email, social media, blogs, and text message. The best part of it all lies in the fact that people receiving the URLs won’t necessarily need an iPad since it would be available in HTML5 that lets anyone see your creative work from any PC, tablet, etc. The results are simply superb, given the amount of creativity going in from the user’s side and that is what makes Adobe Slate a new age tool to use giving several customizing options for even the most naïve iPad users. Overall, the whole app is a huge respite from the similar apps being made by others and offers several refreshing creative ideas that few others can.

Adobe Slate Common Issues and Their Solutions Given by Our Adobe Slate assistant Experts

However, there a lot many issues that can be faced with when using the Adobe Slate, some of which are given here:

  • When Will I Receive My iLok?
  • Redeeming Your iLok license code
  • Didn’t receive my iLok activation code
  • How to register your product
  • Windows XP assistants discontinued
  • Unable to edit project in Adobe Slate
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